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We are living in a digital age that is undergoing a significant transformation. SuperApps—applications that integrate a multitude of services—are beginning to redefine this landscape. They provide streamlined, all-in-one experiences and promote high-frequency consumer interactions. As they evolve, SuperApps are becoming transformative players in our digital ecosystems, profoundly influencing how we live, work, and interact.

However, as these SuperApps transition from their birthplace in Southeast Asia to the Western world, they're not just replicating their original models. They’re not all just aiming to be the ‘everything app’. Instead, they're adapting and innovating, reflecting the unique needs, regulatory landscapes, and cultural nuances of Western societies. This adaptation is reshaping the SuperApp concept in a distinctly Western context.

SuperApps. Why now? Why me?

Ever since I used WeChat on a business trip to China in 2017, I’ve been fascinated by SuperApps and have closely followed their evolution. Now, I believe things are about to move rapidly. With the newly uncovered power of generative AI, SuperApps are set to gain super powers.

That's why I believe we all need a "SuperApp Copilot" to help us navigate this exciting new landscape.

How does SuperApp Copilot differ from your typical blog or newsletter?

Here's how:

👉 Depth Over Frequency: While SuperApp Copilot does arrive in your inbox, it isn't your typical weekly or fortnightly newsletter. There are many excellent content creators filling your inbox. For some it’s their main job. For me, SuperApp Copilot is another side-passion of mine - just like Bank on Fintech, where I list all those great fintech content creators.

It's not about frequency either, but depth and interest. My neurodiverse brain thrives on exploring different topics simultaneously, and I’ll only share an update when I feel it's ripe with insights that you'll find interesting.

👉 Specialized Focus: SuperApp Copilot is laser-focused on SuperApps - their relevance, their design, and their impact. We'll delve into all aspects of SuperApps, from those managing lifestyle and financial services to those targeting niche customer segments.

In addition, I’ll let you shape what areas you want me to cover. From time to time, I’ll give subscribers a heads up on topics I’m considering writing about and you can help push me in a direction that looks interesting to you. Your feedback is important. Let’s see how far this takes us together.

What next?

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Let's embark on this journey together and unravel how SuperApps are revolutionising not just our digital lives, but the world.

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